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okay so today i’m gonna show you one of the easiest ways to make money online and i’m gonna give you some software some tool that will do all the work for you so you can make your first money online without doing anything hard my name is investor and i’m here to make your life easier i help people make money online work from home work from the beach or whatever they are in the world and all i ask in return is a simple like so just go down below click the like button and if you’d like me to help you even more then do yourself a favor and subscribe with notifications on and that way i will not tell you whatever has a new fresh way to make real money online and anyways let me show you how this method works and how you can make money with this well basically this is going to be the website where you will need to sign up and once you log into your account you can sign up for absolutely free to this website and once you log into your account you’re gonna be able to see this dashboard where you can track your clicks and you can track your earnings right here so your first step is to just come over to so m-a-n-g-o-l-s dot com and no no no this is not the tool i was talking about this is not the software that will do all the work for you i’m just using mangles as an example i mean you do not have to use mangles you can use literally any other website but i’m just using this one as an example now what mangles actually is well mangles is a seo tool so it will help you improve your seo that means how likely is your website to be found in google how likely is your website to rank number one in google how easy is for people to find your website online and stuff like that but obviously you do not have a website i mean you maybe do have but you don’t need a website if you stick around until the end of this video because the software which i’m about to give you will do everything for you so even if you’re a complete beginner you can set this up with the steps shown in this video now we’re not gonna be buying the mangles software all we need for mangle’s website is their affiliate program and this strategy is gonna work for any other affiliate link you have so for any other affiliate product you have it’s gonna work but i’m just gonna use this one because as you can see it’s been trusted by many big companies like airbnb alexa additives retailmenot and much much more but yeah all i need is their affiliate program and you can find that by coming over to and scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the website and then you want to search for this affiliate program right here and you want to click on that that will take you over to this page or right here as you can see mangle’s seo affiliate program get 30 lifetime commission by promoting mangle’s seo tools so this is really really good because it’s a reoccurring affiliate program which means we’re going to be getting 30 of our lifetime commissions we refer someone once and we keep making money for a lifetime every single month the more people we refer the more money we will make now of course obviously you can just grab your affiliate link and go promote it all online like in facebook groups on twitter on instagram youtube or wherever you want to but that will require some work so if you’d like to see how you can actually get it done for you with literally any other affiliate program as i said that doesn’t necessarily need to be then you just need to stick with me follow the steps and you will be ready to make money by the end of this video so you can come over to mangle’s affiliate program you can read more about it read more about how it works how much money you will be making when you will get paid how you will get paid and all that stuff and then just basically click start earning now and then you’ll just need to enter your email address you know to sign up to create an absolutely free affiliate account you will just need to enter your email address right here you will enter a password you will create some unique password and you will retype that same password right here and you don’t have to take this box unless you want to just click i’m not a robot and click create my mangles account and it will sign you up to this website now a really cool thing about mangle’s affiliate program is that you don’t have to wait to get approved or whatsoever you’re immediately once you sign up you’re immediately going to be able to grab your affiliate link and you will be ready to start promoting and you will be ready to basically start collecting those commissions and start making money so just click here where it says affiliate program on the live on the left hand side and then just click here where it says promo ethereals so you can grab your main affiliate link so this is your affiliate id your affiliate code but this is your affiliate link so i’m going to copy this by clicking on the copy button right here and i’m going to paste that in google just to show you where that sends people to so once people click on your affiliate link which you can copy right here they will be sent to this page where they can start their 10 day free trial and if they buy you’re gonna get 30 percent lifetime commission which if you go to their pricing plan you can see that that can end up being quite decent so if they buy some monthly plan you’re gonna be able to make just from their premium plan around twenty dollars and seventy cents per month passively just from this one plan if just one of them buys and with the software which i’m about to give to you you can get hundreds of people signed up and you can just do the math and think about think about how much money that can actually end up being in pure passive income every single month reoccurring commissions once again and once again i’m going to repeat this you do not have to use the mangles affiliate program maybe you can think of something better maybe the shopify affiliate program maybe you can do some bro maybe you can grab some products from the digi store or from clickbank you know any other affiliate programs you can even go and google and search for different affiliate programs i’m just using this one as an example and i mean it’s really cool because it pays 30 reoccurring lifetime commissions and as you saw you don’t have to wait around to get approved or whatsoever and i think that literally anyone can sign up to this website no matter which country you’re coming from you can just come over to mangles and sign up to their affiliate program for absolutely free which is really really great and makes this affiliate program really unique now to start making money you will just grab your affiliate link no matter which website you selected just click copy and grab your affiliate link your unique affiliate link so you can start making commissions from this and now i’ll explain you how you can use this software which you can sign up to this website you can sign up to the software and basically this guys will get you free buyers traffic so you can you can claim your free buyers traffic right here from this software from this tool and much much more and basically how this works is they will be giving you kind of like free solo ads so they have huge email lists of people of buyers and they will just grab your form and your affiliate link you just need to give them your affiliate link and they will pack that in a high converting email because they obviously know what works for their buyers so they know what’s the best for their buyers and what’s going to get the most results the best results and they will just grab your affiliate link and they will send you like 200 to 300 clicks so those are all valid clicks from people that are already proven to be taking action online so the conversion rate can be really really high and for these reoccurring affiliate programs you literally don’t need like thousands of people you can make like over two thousand dollars a month reoccurring commissions passive income every single month without lifting a finger just from 100 clicks just from 100 people so those are some great news you do not need thousands of signups and there’s a lot more that this tool has to offer to you this is just one of the benefits from this tool that’s just one section of the free traffic that the software has to offer to you they also have many different trainings and many different guides you help you get free traffic and also different forms like this where all you need to do is just enter your name so you just type your name right here you type your email address and you paste your affiliate link right here and you can submit that click submit and they will do you to work for you you can claim your free traffic there and enjoy your earnings now you may be thinking like what’s the catch here like what’s the cash it can’t be that easy like just to submit your affiliate link well the catch is the only cash to hear is that you need to wait at least five days so you must be an active member of this product for at least five days and then the traffic will start so it’s not gonna start immediately you will need to wait for five days but this is only for this one particular form as i said this author has much more to offer you can use other sections of this software to get more free traffic so that’s really really cool and there’s a lot of different ways you can use you can use this software you can use this tool and basically you can use it for any other offer you want you for any other affiliate link or for anything else you want to promote you can use this website you can use this software it’s really really good and as you can see it’s all 100 done for you so the system generates unlimited free buyer traffic and high ticket reoccurring sales in less than 60 seconds as you saw you literally submit those forms and you follow the stats which those guys are gonna give you inside of the software and you can get some amazing results because this is not over saturated it’s a brand new automated sauce and software it’s all 100 done for you so you don’t need any previous experience or whatsoever you do not need to be tax savvy and it’s perfect for both the new and experienced marketers plus it comes with different make money online training so different training programs that are going to help you make even more money and get the most out of this software and a really cool thing about this author something that really grabs my attention that really grabbed my attention to get this software is this this right here so they say you will either make sales you will either earn money or they will send you 75 if you don’t make any money if this doesn’t work for you then they will literally take money out of their own pocket and give 75 dollars to you which is really really good now obviously this software is not absolutely free but it’s not like hundreds or thousands of dollars even though they’re providing value that’s worth thousands of dollars uh this software is currently like less than 20 bucks and i’m gonna leave a link in the description down below it’s my affiliate link so if you use my affiliate link i will really appreciate that and you can grab this software and just just one tip for you if you want to use this software then use it right now before it becomes oversaturated before loads of people start getting into this software so you can get the most out of this traffic you can get the most out of these forms and you can get the most out of those solo ads which they’re going to give you inside of this tool but even if you don’t have like 20 bucks to you know to enroll into this author to grab this tool to get started on your online journey then i recommend you just grab affiliate links for any other affiliate program for any affiliate program and go out there and use some free traffic like facebook instagram and youtube to get your first sales get your first sale get your first commissions and then you use that money to reinvest into this tool because it can really pay off and it can be really really cool for you since it’s all down for you so you don’t have to worry or stress out about getting traffic or whatsoever as you saw it’s just plug and go you you submit those forms you paste your affiliate links and these guys are gonna get and are gonna take care of your affiliate link so that’s it for this video i hope you enjoyed it and i hope you did get some value out of this video and if you did then don’t forget to drop a like to it leave a thumbs up and and hit the bell icon so you don’t miss out on any of the new content and i will see you in some of the next videos

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