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hey there what’s up and welcome to another video in this one i just want to show you how you can get paid to play some of the most popular games in the world and no you do not need to record yourself while doing that so you do not need to be a youtuber or stream editing on twitch the point is you do not need to record yourself while playing the game you just need to play the game and you will get paid for doing that so these websites will pay you to just play the game and yes you can play some of the most popular games in the world and still get paid for doing that so this is for sure going to be one of the easiest and one of the most fun ways to make money online today i’m gonna share with you three different ways and three different websites that are going to pay you just to play video games and some of these websites are even going to pay you through paypal and i just know that a lot of you guys are payable fans so make sure to stay tuned for that and bear in mind that some of the websites will pay you a little bit less and some of the websites will pay you a little bit more and some of the websites will be a little bit easier to use and some of the websites will be a little bit harder so i’m going to share with you three different websites and you want to stay tuned all the way to the end of the video so you will decide what if it’s the best to you and which one will make you the most money and so you can know exactly how to do this so definitely be sure to stay tuned until the end and right before we dive into the content don’t forget to follow me on instagram at yt investor because i’m doing a lot of giveaways there so you really don’t want to miss that make sure to follow me on instagram at yt investor and if you are interested into making money online then definitely consider subscribing to this channel and hit the bell icon because i’m posting a lot of different videos and a lot of different ways you can make money online so if you need money and you want to make it from the comfort of your home then definitely subscribe and hit the bell icon and with all of that being said and done let’s dive into the content so i can show you how you can make money online just by playing video games okay we are now inside of my computer and before i show you the main platform which you can use to make money online by playing some of the most popular games in the world let’s first take a look at two different websites that will pay you just to play their mobile games so these first two apps are going to be the easiest ones to use and you can even just do it on your phone so maybe when you’re bored or in quarantine or waiting in line just pull up your phone press the play button have fun and make some extra income it won’t be a lot so it’s not going to be any life-changing income but it’s not bad for playing mobile games for absolutely free anyways the first one is gonna be cash pirate this app is available for both ios and android which is really great because now both sides are gonna be satisfied both android and ios and one thing i really love about it about this app about the cash pirate is that it will sometimes offer you paid games for free so games which you would normally need to pay to play but now not only will you get them for absolutely free but they will also pay you real money for playing them on top of that they do pay through paypal so once you collect enough points you can cash out and get real people money or if you don’t want to use paypal or maybe paypal is not available in your country then don’t worry because you also have many many different payment options including visa and bitcoin or many other gift cards which you can spend online so your options are limitless with cash pirate you can choose how you want to get paid you can choose which game you want to play you can use both ios and android and it’s all absolutely free no investment needed which is super super great and it’s super important that you do not need to invest any money to actually make some real cash and that’s why i really love cash pirate but i have even better options for those that stick around until the end of this video and needless to say but playing games is just one of the ways you can make money with cash pirate you can also complete the service which i don’t really recommend you can you can do it if you want to but i don’t really recommend it because that takes some time and it can be boring but you can also just watch videos inside of the app and you’re gonna get paid for doing that as well so when you get tired of playing games just play some video and collect points that way by watching the video i mean you do not need to actually watch the video of course just let it play and you can maybe do something else it’s kind of like passive income now in order to get started with cash pirate all you need to do is either come over to cashpire.mobi so cachefire.mobi or go directly to app store or google play store search for this app and install it onto your device it’s really easy to use and it’s a great app i’m sorry for interrupting but if at any point you want to see how i personally make big money online and i’m not talking about like a couple of thousands of dollars per month but i’m actually talking about almost half a million dollars just in the past year then definitely hit the first link in the description down below and i will share with you step by step how i do that and step by step how you can replicate my success so if you are interested in that then definitely be sure to hit the first link in the description down below if not let’s continue the video the second way you can make money by playing video games online is by using the app called big time or by going over to winr.com so winr.com and even though this one is not as good as cash pirate it’s in my opinion a lot more fun and there’s a lot more money to be made with this one because you’re playing games for tickets which you can which you can then use to enter the draw so kind of like lottery tickets and every day you stand a good chance of winning some big cash prizes worth hundreds of dollars yep you heard me right hundreds of dollars if you win the draw this one is also available for both ios and android so you just need a smartphone device go to app store or google play store install it and start making money here you can see all the games which you can play inside of the app and they’re not bad at all they’re not some worthless games it’s actually something that people normally play in their everyday life except now you can get paid for doing that so you don’t have to feel guilty for playing games all the time and if you scroll even further you’ll be able to see recent winners from all over the world people from not only us but from chile brazil india germany and other countries are making thousands of dollars with this absolutely free app so how amazing is that you can install an app for absolutely free play games have fun enter a draw and win big money and this is a pretty much new app so it’s just going to improve in the future which means bigger cash prices are coming up but one thing i don’t like about it is that it currently won’t pay you through paypal so paypal option is not yet available but maybe it will come in the future so that’s just one thing i personally don’t like still it’s a great app and you can withdraw your money by a bank transfer and then spend it on anything you like shoes food clothes gifts or whatever you prefer once again this is already vinar.com and the app name is big time install it for free play games collect tickets enter the draw and win big prizes and finally the last way you can make money online by playing games this is not an app it’s a lot different than previous to to pay so pay close attention so it’s nothing like cash pirate and it’s nothing like big time pay close attention now this is actually making money by leveraging this marketplace which will allow you to earn a lot more money than previous two apps so it won’t be just peanuts you can earn thousands of dollars literally and i’m gonna show that and how this works well you play a game that can even be some of the most popular games in the world like or like we spoken about at the beginning of this video that can be like cs go clash of clans minecraft league of legends and more and this is over at the league of trading so this is actually a buy sell and trade marketplace where after after playing some game for a while you can come over at illegaltrading.com and list your account for sale so maybe you like minecraft play for a while when it becomes boring just come over to here and sell it for up to ten thousand dollars and the great thing about this website is that it will be really easy to sell your account and collect profits because all the people visiting the place visiting this specific place are obviously here to specifically buy games accounts from gamers and no of course you do not need to be a professional gamer to sell here you just need to have a decent account if you want to sell it for some serious money and this of course works all over the world this is worldwide available no matter which country you’re coming from select any payment option you like paypal credit card bank transfer bitcoin or anything you prefer display games and sell them here all you need to do is register to legal trading at least your account for sale by clicking on the sell button what you will see once you create an account on here so once you register your legal trading you will be able to see the sell button and then when someone buys it you just send them your login details and you collect profits it’s as simple as that you’re ready to go after that so those were the three ways you can make money online by playing video games for absolutely free let’s summarize you can either use cash pirate so these two apps cash pirate or big time which you want to pay which won’t pay you a lot but they’re still good and can be used on a phone so you can just use them on your smartphone or you can simply come to legotrading.com and sell your accounts for thousands of dollars choose the one you like the most or combine all the three play games have fun and make money no matter which one you choose you will never have to feel guilty of playing games again so feel free to spend hours and hours playing games because you know that this will actually pay off i hope you enjoyed this video and i hope you got some value out of it and if you did don’t forget to drop a like leave a thumbs up because it really means to me it means a world to me when i see you guys leaving likes under my videos and and hit the bell icon so you don’t miss out on any of the new content and of course feel free to click on some of the boxes on the screen right now to see different ways you can make a lot more money online not by playing games but once again for absolutely free so i’ll see you inside of those videos

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